The StepSafe system comprises four main components: Premier LadderSafe Platform, Platform Extension and self levelling steps with hand rails. These will accommodate a range of vertical heights due to the self-levelling articulation of the unit. A forward facing stair mounting is also available; designed for use without a platform extension.

    Note: The StepSafe Platform provides a horizontal clearance of 480mm from the face of the wall to the edge of the Stairway and will not clear wider braces or obstructions below the platform. E.g. Groundforce Super Mega Brace.

SiteSafe Solutions: Typical Installation Methodology

Groundforce Shorco are always striving to develop ancillary equipment to enhance their product offerings. Demonstrated in this video are the associated products that can be used in conjunction with boxes and braces to improve safety and access in and around excavations.

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