New SheetMaster Development

06 Dec

Groundforce are pleased to report a successful September launch of the SheetMaster: an exciting new product which continues to generate a great deal of interest from temporary works contractors, health and safety personnel and the construction industry press.

The SheetMaster represents a paradigm shift with an innovative design that delivers a multi‐function trench sheet handling and installation tool; allowing pitching, driving and extraction in a much safer and more controlled manner.

Due to a growing number of enquiries, and as a result of customer feedback, Groundforce has decided to broaden the versatility of this unique tool by offering a detachable saddle with a 65mm pin. This comes in addition to the currently available 85mm version and further extends the scope of the SheetMaster; making it compatible with a wider range of excavator models and capacities. Both 85mm and 65mm pin saddles conveniently utilise the excavator’s quick hitch system.

The unit also comes with a choice of two interchangeable leg sets to suit the type of trench sheet being installed and these are pre-fitted by Groundforce as the customer requires. 

SheetMaster is the first of its kind to combine three tools in one, making it a revolutionary product and a brand new offering for the construction Industry.

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SheetMaster User Guide

SheetMaster User Guide

User guide for the revolutionary SheetMaster that pitches, drives and extracts.