Using the SheetMaster is by far the safest available method of sheet installation.

    Allowing pitching, driving and extraction in one multi-functioning unit, SheetMaster is unique in that it successfully combines the three sheet handling operations in one convenient tool. The SheetMaster couples to the excavator’s quick hitch in the same way as a bucket and is designed to work with 65mm and 80mm diameter quick hitch pins.

    Pitch - No more pitching shackles 
    Provides greater control and safer driving, handling and lifting operations.

    Drive - No more driving caps 
    Retains full control of the captive sheet, reducing the need for manual intervention.

    Extract - No more extractors 

    Harnesses the power of the excavator to swiftly extract the sheet safely.


SheetMaster - Pitch | Drive | Extract

SheetMaster is a revolutionary composite, non-hydraulic, sheet handling and installation tool developed to undertake the three dig and push operations of pitching, driving and extraction for the Groundforce Shorco range of trench sheets. Reducing the need for manual intervention and keeping operatives clear of the slewing excavator, means SheetMaster introduces greater safety by assigning much of the control to the excavator driver.

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