Events Sector

Providing the events and leisure industry with safe clean temporary access.

Groundforce Bridge is the division of Groundforce specialising in the temporary hire of vehicular and pedestrian bridges and walkways. Popular for hire within the leisure and sporting arenas, we can respond rapidly and efficiently to enable safe, clean and free movement of people and vehicles to events such as golfing tournaments and music festivals. 

Customer support and unrivalled technical advice is always available to customers with onsite assistance available on request.

All walkways and bridges are designed as modular flat-pack to provide simple, fast assembly and installation. Even our largest bridge can be assembled into position in under four hours by three or four people. Watch the video here.

Pedestrian footbridges are also a popular choice when safe access is required to temporary school buildings. As such, all our bridges and walkways comply with current safety regulations and feature nonslip surfaces and child friendly handrails.

An additional benefit of the modular approach is that once an event is complete, bridges or walkways can be swiftly removed, leaving the area free of unnecessary obstacles and requiring no remedial work. This feature is particularly useful in the sporting and leisure sectors where a rapid turnaround for future events is often essential.