Grave Shoring Training

ground conditions within grave yards, and will come to understand a variety of methods for utilising the appropriate ground retention system(s).

Particular importance is placed on the identification of hazards unique to excavations in the industry as well as introducing adequate control measures in order to reduce risk levels.

The half day course can accommodate up to 8 delegates per day.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the unique dangers and hazards associated with shoring a grave
  • Interpret how to mark out a new section and
  • set out a grave based on type of shoring
  • Differentiate between soil types/conditions and best practice for grave location
  • Setting out of the correct grave size and selecting method of excavation (machine/ hand)
  • Protecting the coffin, memorial and/or turf, grave dressing, burial protocol & procedure
  • Discussion and/or installation of equipment
  • Carry out risk assessments unique to cemetery excavations.
  • Recognise the hazards, and implement control measures for those hazards.
  • Understand current legislation, policies and burial procedures
  • Methodology of backfill and removal of grave shoring systems
  • Reinstatement of grave and encompassing ar

Who will benefit?

Typically operatives who are required to carry out shoring/excavation work within a cemetery setting benefit most from this specialist course. However, managers, supervisors, and safety professionals who are responsible for excavation work may find the course invaluable.




We also offer 

  • Harness use & Inspection Course (1/2 day course) 

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