MP30 Mechanical Strut

About MP30 Mechanical Strut

The MP30 is a modular format light-duty mechanical prop combining an adjustable mechanical screw jack with fixed length extensions. For use where support is required to excavations via the use of a cross prop or a raking prop. The MP30 is based on a proprietary steel soldier section. At shorter spans, the capacity of the end connections limit the axial load. At longer spans the potential for flexural buckling of the extension sections dictate overall capacity.

The MP30 has a useable operating range of 0.65m to approximately 8m without the need for intermediate support and can withstand working axial loads up to 30 tonnes. Longer ranges than 8m can be used with a reduced working load limit.

Typical Applications

Can be used in combination with Groundforce proprietary waling systems such as the MEGA Brace, 1000 Series and MAXI Brace as an intermediate strut or raking prop (using appropriate adaptors), or with single/twin welded beams and non-standard applications such as propping plain walls, slabs, soldiers and temporary roof propping.


The MP30 is a relatively lightweight system comprised of man-handleable components, perfect for locations where space is limited.

  • End bearing plates incorporate a zero moment swivel pin connection and can articulate up to +/- 45° from the strut axis for knee brace and raking applications.
  • Can be equipped with a single or a pair of screw jacks to allow for up to 290mm of adjustment.

Operating Range (m)


Min Max
0S 0.65 0.8 80 Single Screw + Single Solider
1S 1.1 1.25 97
2S 1.55 1.7 107
3S 2 2.15 118
0 1.01 1.3 104 Twin Screw + Single Solider
1 1.46 1.75 121
2 1.91 2.2 131
3 2.36 2.65 142
4 2.81 3.1 147
5 3.26 3.55 158
6 3.71 4 164
7 4.16 4.45 175
8 4.61 4.9 180
9 5.06 5.35 191
10 5.51 5.8 201

Technical Library

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Shoring Manual for Sheeted Excavations

Manual for specifying equipment for sheeted excavations


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