Eccentric moment 8 kgm
Max. frequency 2300 rpm
Max. operating pressure 350 bar
Max. oil flow 214 l/min
Dynamic weight incl. clamp 2576 kg

Total weight excl. 60TU +

tilting adapter

3300 kg
Max. centrifugal force 464 kN

L x W x H (incl 60TU +

tilting adaptor)

1416 x 1663 x 2580 m


New Piling Solutions

Take a look at Piletec's new piling solution! The ICE Side-Grip Hammer by Dieseko Group, and DX20 Excavator-Mounted Impact Hammer are designed to safely drive long sheet piles and steel tubes, and when used together they are capable of installing sheet piles up to 16m long.

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