About SledgeSafe

SledgeSafe is a heavy duty mobile barrier intended to demonstrate hazardous working areas and provide localised protection to personnel on construction sites: the system complies with BS EN 13374: 2004 Class A.The heavy freestanding base unit incorporates the lightweight, flexible Groundforce EdgeSafe mesh barrier for ease of assembly. 

The main feature of the product is that it can be easily dragged along by an excavator as excavation progresses; saving time erecting conventional barriers and offering additional protection to personnel working in close proximity.


Code Description Size (mm) Qty per Unit Component weight (kg)
RR.B SledgeSafe Mobile Barrier  3000 length  1 253
ES.SC EdgeSafe Sheet Clamp  n/a 2 3
ES.M27 EdgeSafe Mesh x 2.7m 2700 x 1200 1 20
ES.SP  EdgeSafe Post  1200 2 4
ES.S Stillage 2850 x 1115 x 1200 n/a


Note:  SledgeSafe is not intended to replace integrated protection systems such as EdgeSafe. 

Technical Library

SledgeSafe User Guide

SledgeSafe User Guide

User Guide for SledgeSafe, a heavy duty mobile barrier.


Quick Start User Guide for EdgeSafe and SledgeSafe

Quick Start User Guide for EdgeSafe and SledgeSafe

Quick start user instructions for EdgeSafe and SledgeSafe