Smartshore Inflatable Shoring System

About Smartshore Inflatable Shoring System

Smartshore is a unique excavation support system that uses inflatable elastomeric cushions and struts to support shallow, short-term excavations similar to those usually associated with utility or maintenance work. The lightweight nature of the system makes it supremely portable.

 The kit is made of four inflatable cushions which can reach up to 2m deep. Each cushion is equipped with handling straps, a quick air connector and a safety valve to avoid risk of bursting. 

Made out of vulcanized rubber, abrasion resistant, Smartshore offers many advantages over traditional trench boxes.


  • Low pressure, air inflated modular panels
  • Strong, elastomeric-coated textile construction
  • Re-usable, easy maintenance
  • Ideal for rapid deployment
  • Flexible and foldable
  • Totally portable, installed in minutes


  Dimensions Inflation Pressure (psi) Weight Working Panel Pressure Safe Axial Load Capacity**
Inflatable Cushion 2150x1380
0.65 Bar (9.45) 13 kg 15 kN/m2 -
Adjustable Strut 80/100 800-1100 - 5 kg - 29kN
Adjustable Strut 110/140 1100-1400 - 7 kg - 23kN

*fully inflated
**fully extended


Technical Library

SMARTSHORE Inflatable Shoring System User Guide

SMARTSHORE Inflatable Shoring System User Guide

Installation and removal guide and instructions for use with the SMARTSHORE Inflatable Shoring...


Shoring Manual for Sheeted Excavations

Shoring Manual for Sheeted Excavations

Manual for specifying equipment for sheeted excavations