Aluminium Waler System Hire

Waler Frames provide two way support to trenches and are used in conjunction with trench sheeting. Various specifications of Waler Frames are available varying from lightweight aluminium to super heavy duty steel rails.

Each unit comprises 2 No. aluminium or steel rails complete with two hydraulic cylinders. The cylinders fit directly on to the rails and are pressurised by a manually operated hydraulic hand pump, giving an uninterrupted column of strength between the trench walls. All units are designed for quick and easy assembly, installation and extraction by one or two people from outside the trench. All units are fitted with mechanical lock-off valves for additional security and to further simplify the installation and extraction process.


  • Aluminium rails and cylinders 
  • Continuous or partial support in trenches 
  • Ideal for working around utility installations 
  • Available in a range of sizes from 2m


Cylinder Type Operating Range (MM)
A Type 529.5 831.7
B Type 784.5 1286.6
C Type 1284.5 2182.7
C1 Type 1882.7 2780.8
C2 Type 2482.7 3380.8
C3 Type 3082.7 3980.8

Aluminium Waler Rails

Technical Specification Hydraulic Cylinder Type
  A B C C1 C2 C3
2.0m Aluminium Walers  
Weight of Complete Frame (kg) 60 63 66 70 72 74
3.0m Aluminium Walers  
Weight of Complete Frame (kg) 90 94 98 104 106 108
4.0m Aluminium Walers  
Weight of Complete Frame (kg) 114 118 122 128 130 132
5.0m Aluminium Walers  
Weight of Complete Frame (kg) 122 128 136 172 188 204
Minimum Sheet to Sheet (mm) 550 800 1300 1900 2500 3100
Maximum Sheet to Sheet (mm) 850 1300 2200 2800 3400 4000