Confined Space Entry & Management Level

2 days
10 max

This course is designed for Managers and Supervisors who require a good in-depth working knowledge of Confined Space working procedures and equipment but are not required to enter or work in confined spaces as part of their duties.

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Course Objectives

  • Be aware of the Health and Safety requirements imposed on employers with respect to general safety and safe operating systems and understand their own legal Health and Safety responsibilities
  • Possess a good working knowledge of the Confined Space Regulations (ACOP with guidance)
  • Understand what the common hazards associated with Confined Spaces are and how they can affect the system of work for entry
  • Know what atmospheric conditions can arise in a Confined Space; understand the operation of gas monitoring equipment including the alarm settings for each gas
  • Be able to demonstrate the correct use of a tripod and winch fall arrest system and be aware of the lifting capabilities of the system when lifting personnel
  • Understand how the MSA 30/100 Re-breather (Turtle) works, what checks should be made before wearing the unit in a confined space and how to use the set in an emergency
  • Understand the importance of good personal hygiene standards and the possible sources of infection
  • Have had the opportunity to wear breathing apparatus working and escape sets in a controlled environment
  • Know how to develop a safe method of entry and working procedure based upon the information provided by the instructor prior to the start of the main exercise
  • Understand the resuscitation procedures in respect of airway, breathing and circulation and be able to demonstrate using a mannequin, the effective use of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Be capable of identifying the main components of the Pneupac Resuscitator, recognise the different alarms and be able to take apart and assemble the complete unit
  • Demonstrate the use of the Pneupac Resuscitator using the mannequin to the satisfaction of the instructor

Who Will Benefit?

Personnel in management roles who are responsible for operatives entering confined spaces and hazardous areas on behalf of their company.


Certificate awarded upon successful completion of this course, valid for 3 years. Delegates will be issued with a certificate of training together with a photo ID card.