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The Stopper Specialists PressureTest+ app is designed to on-site monitor and record the pressure testing of pipework. The app works alongside a Bluetooth enabled Data Logger to prepare, record and capture pressure test data in real time. The app will provide an instant, on-site pass or failure analysis, along with test recommendations and GPS tracking.


  • Remote Testing: Allows users to confidently leave the test to run and get on with other tasks while being able to monitor the test
  • PressureTest+ Website: Predicted results are instantly available on the website and can be viewed by the hire desk. The website also allows
    access to all testing certs and historical results
  • One-Step Login: Quick and simple login process available to see results graph and customer management teams can view trend analysis
  • Multiple Testing: Multiple tests with multiple loggers can be carried out on site via one app log-in.

What our customers say:

We’ve used the newly launched PressureTest+ app on several sites now and there are multiple benefits compared to previous versions. The “real time” data is fantastic when relaying information back to the client along with the improved visual aspects of the app including added pressure gauges and time indicators.

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PressureTest+ User Guide

PressureTest+ User Guide

User instructions for Pipe Pressure Testing Using PressureTest+