Used with trench sheets, this system efficiently & safely retains backfill and prevents accidental dislodgement of loose material into the excavation whilst providing a barrier to prevent unauthorised access to the excavation. It also removes the need to improvise with less suitable methods, such as road plates or timber.

    Each WEB comprise free-running, telescoping aluminium sections that pin directly into the aluminium waler rail which adjust in length as the hydraulic cylinders are extended.

WEB Model Min External Trench Width (mm) Max External Trench Width (mm) Weight (kg) Equivalent Cylinder Model*
Type A-A 545 690 8.7 Waler Cylinder Type A
Type A-B 650 850 10.0
Type B-A 775 1025 12.0 Waler Cylinder Type B
Type B-B 975 1275 14.1
Type C-A 1300 1750 19.0 Waler Cylinder Type C
Type C-B 1700 2200 22.9
Type C1 1900 2800 28.7 Waler Cylinder Type C1
Type C2 2500 3400 34.0 Waler Cylinder Type C2

*Two models of WEB cater for each equivalent waler cylinder range (not C1 & C2). 


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