Drainage Pipe Sealing Bags

Drainage leak sealing bags are a perfect solution when the usage of other sealing bags is impossible, especially in cases of leakage on tube connections and junctions. Drainage leak sealing bags have a built-in zipper that enables simple positioning and each side also has a pneumatic element which prevents side outflow. Together with the waterproof zipper, it guarantees tightness of the bag itself while also including a built-in stainless steel ball valve for liquid release. 


  • Easy positioning
  • Flexible sealing sleeves
  • Controlled transfer of liquids
  • Special zipping system 


Part Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm) Weight (kg) Sealing Pressure
FL 50 26 5 95 2.6 0.5
FL 80 26 8 95 2.7 0.5
FL 100 26 10 95 2.8 0.5