1. Hydraulic Hand Pump

    The single acting hydraulic hand pump is used to extend the cylinders to the required width of the excavation. The pump is supplied with the hose in place ready for the bridle to be attached. A mix of water and Groundforce shoring fluid is required for use and the recommended dilution volume is indicated on the pump unit.
    Two types available:

    Hand Pump - Reservoir capacity 10 litres. (Gravshore Standard)

    Hand Pump - Reservoir capacity 20 litres.


    2. Shoring Fluid

    Groundforce shoring fluid is water based with built-in anti freeze properties. The pump reservoir should only be filled with Groundforce shoring fluid and water.

    3. Two Way Bridle

    The two way bridle is connected to each hydraulic cylinder and the single branch of the bridle is connected to the pump hose.

    4. Lifting Slings

    Single Leg Lifting Sling:
    The single leg lifting sling simply threads through the handles of the Gravshore and is used to manually lift and lower the Gravshore unit in and out of the excavation.

    Manufactured from strong polyester webbing

    Working load should not exceed 1000kg

    Four Leg Lifting Sling:
    For machine installations/removals we also offer a four leg lifting sling which attaches to each of the four lifting handles of the Gravshore unit. The single branch then attaches directly to the mini excavator.

    Manufactured from strong polyester webbing

    Working load should not exceed 2100kg


    5. Release Tool

    The release tool is used for disconnecting the two way bridle from each hydraulic cylinder after the Gravshore unit has been installed and for de-pressurising the units prior to removal. Longer release tools are available for deeper excavations.


Gravshore - Groundforce ToolBox Talks Video

This Groundforce Toolbox talks video guides you through the Gravshore sector of Groundforce. Specialising in the shoring of graves, this video shows the assembly, installation and dismantling of the Gravshore equipment.

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