EUSR Abrasive Cutting (Petrol Cut Off Saw)

1 day

EUSR Abrasive Cutting (Petrol Cut Off Saw) training combines classroom based theory with practical instruction and assessment. Hand operated Petrol Cut Off Saws are one of the most commonly used Abrasive Wheels, and most dangerous, hand operated tools used within the construction industry. Materials cut range are typically small sections of wood, concrete, stone, and steel. This course is ensure operates get ‘hands on’ in order to assist with competence on the device(s) being utilised.

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Course Objectives

  • Understand legislation and guidance including HASWA 74, PUWER 98, MHSWR 99 and PPE Regs 
  • Recognise the hazards of abrasive cutting/petrol cut off saws and consider risk control measures 
  • Identify various types of petrol cut off saws and the associated risks (for example, noise, contact, wheel burst, respiratory and HAVS)
  • Carry out pre-use safety checks 
  • Consider practical steps (control measures) to reduce workplace accidents and encourage safe operation of Petrol Cut Off Saws/Abrasive Wheels
  • Select the correct type of petrol cut off saws/abrasive wheels, identify marking and provide a visual inspection 
  • Demonstrate the correct usage, functions and fitting of different types of wheels and discs.
  • Learn how to correctly use approved methods of selection, identification and fitting of abrasive wheels to cut off saws including guard adjustment, inspecting and storing the equipment. (including practical demonstration depending on specific machine or machines being used)


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Who Will Benefit?

Anyone who is operating and/or managing/supervising the use of Abrasive Cutting utilising Petrol Cut Off Saws.

CITB Cashback

Claim £70 per person from this course.

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CITB Cashback

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