EUSR Coil Trailer Awareness Training

Half Day

This safety awareness course allows the learner to familiarise themselves with the basics of Coiler Trailer safety before handling coil trailers. A Theoretical assessment is carried out in order to identify the risks and minimise the hazards of working with coil trailers within the Water, Gas and Power sectors. Applications are applicable to both trenchless technology, traditional trench work and operations above ground.

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Course Objectives

  • Understand the dangers, identify the hazards and minimise the risks associated with Coil Trailers and ancillary equipment/items/attachments required to complete essential tasks utilising Coil Trailers
  • Discuss in detail the fact that coil jointing carries a level of risk. Loading the pipe onto the trailer, cutting bands before installation, and release from trailer (potential energy) are some of the tasks where there are safety considerations.
  • Carry out risk assessments and understand how to create a Safe System of Work  
  • Interpret and recognise Coiler Trailer Guidance such as manufacturer issued instructions, Gas – T/PR/ML/1 + 4, Water companies ACOPS, specific company/industry procedures
  • Differentiate between different makes/models/types of Coil Trailers
  • Cover handling, storage, and transport of pipes and fittings
  • Identify maintenance, service and inspection frequencies in order to ensure safe operation
  • Discuss pre and post usage safety checks
  • Obtain the necessary knowledge required to be able to carry out and demonstrate the safe usage and operation of Coil Trailers 
  • Recognise Coil Trailer licensing, rules, and combined weights of van and trailer


  • EU Skills - EUSR SMART card with photo id, qualification stated on back of card 
  • EU Skills – EUSR Virtual Registration is available upon request in lieu of plastic SMART card
  • Electronic Groundforce Training certificate also provided via email
  • EUSR qualifications are valid for 3 years,
  • On or before your qualification(s) expiry date you’ll need to renew in order for qualification(s) to stay on the EU Skills register

Who Will Benefit?

Managers, supervisors, safety professionals and/or operatives who are required to oversee or carry out work with Coil Trailers. If you physically deploy Coil Trailers and haven't had any formal training, this course is essential to minimise risk to yourself and those around you. 


A physical deployment of an actual coil via a Coil trailer does not take place during the awareness training due to the potential risks involved in doing so as part of the ‘training environment.’

This course is designed as AWARENESS ONLY and does not include a practical assessment or actual usage of a trailer. Any outside viewing of the trailer (provided by each client) is purely used as a discussion point.

Important Notes

In order for this training to be of the highest quality we ask clients to provide Groundforce Training with the specific makes and models of Coil Trailer(s) being used by your organisation

This course does not teach or license individuals to tow trailers. To do so a B+E test may be required.

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