Pipe Pusher Hire


The Horizontal Pipe Pusher provides a safe working environment when installing pipe lines by reducing the need for manual intervention and time in the trench, therefore reducing the risk of injury. The device comprises a large adjustable steel unit which utilises the excavator’s Universal Quick Hitch System (80mm and 90mm diameter pins). The adjustable width settings make the Pipe Pusher very versatile and enable the buffer to be just a few centimetres wider than the socket, making it a snug fit within the trench box. The Horizontal Pipe Pusher is suitable for jointing DN900 to DN1500 concrete pipes. 

  • Quick, safe & effective method to ‘push home’ concrete pipes
  • Operation utilises the excavator’s own quick hitch 
  • For installation of 900mm to 1500mm diameter pipes 
  • Eliminates manual handling of heavy timber buffers 
  • Reduces time in trench 
  • More precise control of the pipe jointing operation


Height (mm)

Length (mm)

Weight (Kg)

Min Width (mm)

Max Width (mm)

Max Load on Buffers (t)







Longer extending arms are available giving a closed width of 1820mm and a maximum open width of 2580mm.