Vacuum Drainage Bags Hire

Vacuum Drainage Bags use suction to attach to tanks or containers so there is no need for belts or tightening chains.

Vacuum Drainage Bags work very well on flat surfaces where belts don’t perform as well, you can attach bags to any flat or large radius tank with smooth surfaces. 

Stainless steel drain allows controlled transfer of liquids from the tank through the bag. 


  • Easy positioning
  • No straps needed
  • A controlled transfer of liquids
  • Round shape


Part Diameter (cm) Weight (bar) Working Pressure (bar) Vacuum (bar) Sealing Surface Diameter (cm) Sealing Surface Length (cm) Sealing Surface Width (cm) Sealing Pressure (bar) Air Requirement (l)
Bag 50 5.4 8 0.85 50/20 10 10 1.4 1.2