Mechshore Double Acting Series

The Mechshore Double Acting Manhole Brace range consists of a series of non-modular hydraulically adjustable legs which are connected together to form a mid-range load capacity bracing system to support square or rectangular excavation sizes from 1.5m to 8.3m.

The range consists of 5 individual legs, each incorporating a hydraulically adjustable ram unit, which provides up to 1.0m of on-site fine length adjustment. In addition, three of the legs also have a rough adjuster unit providing further course length adjustment.  For small and medium duty applications requiring large clear working areas


  • Single 32mm diameter corner pin connection for rapid assembly on site.
  • Excellent structural performance makes them ideal for higher load design applications in deeper excavations.
  • Double acting hydraulics enable the legs to be both expanded and retracted hydraulically by a suitable installation pump unit.
  • Integral hydraulic lock of valve enables the pump hoses to be easily released and reconnected without fluid loss.
  • 690, 900M and 900S legs have a rough adjustment facility for greater on site adjustment. 



Range (m)




Range (m)

290 1.5 - 2.3 175 200 1.1 - 1.85
490 2.2 - 3.2 250 200 1.84 - 2.84
690 2.9 - 4.6 440 220 2.452 - 4.152

4.5 - 6.5

650 240 4.028 - 6.028
900S 6.3 - 8.3 650 240 5.868 - 7.868
These ranges do not take into account the potential deflection of the waling beam, which will be dependent upon applied load and upon span. As such, the actual clear opening achieved is likely to be smaller than the internal range values quoted below. These figures should be used as a rough guide only and should not be relied upon to provide an accurate assessment of clear opening.