Safe Working at Height – Module 2 – General Operator - RoSPA Approved

1 day
10 max

This interactive and engaging theoretical and practical safety training course is essential for those required to Work at Height. Candidates gain a solid foundation of the dangers involved in working at height and how to mitigate the risks. Fundamental legislation, such as the Works at Height Regulations (2015), and its’ aim to prevent death and injury as a result of a fall from height are covered.

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Course Overview

  • Gain a basic understanding of the legislation and regulations that govern Work at Height,
  • Identify the dangers and hazards associated with working at height
  • Grasp the importance of the Working at Height Hierarchy and its’ mandatory importance to enable the selection of the correct safe system of work
  • Carry out a Working at Height Risk Assessment (RA) to ensure candidates are able to recognise dangerous situations, fragile surfaces, falling objects, dangerous areas, etc.
  • Recognise the various types of fall protections systems and equipment suitable for work at height activities
  • Accept the limitations of fall protections systems, equipment and PPE
  • Be able select and use the correct fall protection systems and equipment for the task by applying the principles for safe working at height  
  • Distinguish between good and bad practices via increased education
  • Discuss different types of structures - Scaffolds, MEWP’s, Aerials / Masts, Hooped Ladders, Rooftops, Fragile Surfaces: Identification of different types of structures, including their component parts and their inherent hazards
  • Inspect Work Equipment: Explanation of the correct inspection procedures and frequencies required under LOLER and other
  • Discuss Emergency Arrangements: Identification of the legal requirement to ensure emergency arrangements have been considered.

Who Will Benefit?

Operatives, Managers, Supervisors, and/or safety professionals who require an understanding of working at height and/or need to work at height.


RoSPA approved Training Certificate of attendance

Quality Assurance

All of our Working at Height modules are built incorporating, as a minimum, the core syllabus as advised by the HSE’s Advisory Committee for Working at Height Training (ACWAHT).

  • Relevant sector and equipment specific technical guidance is followed and incorporated into the modules, from the Working At Height Safety Association (WAHSA).
  • The Working at Height training modules will be managed, administered, and delivered following the British Standards Institute (BSI) Code of Practice for the delivery of training and education for work at height and rescue BS 8454:2006.
  • All of the modules will, as a minimum, meet the required standards under the relevant regulations.
  • Qualified and approved trainers, assessors and IQA’s to ensure reliability & quality

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