Emergency First Aid at Work - Online Annual Refresher

150 Minutes
Available Online

The Online Annual Refresher E-learning course is aimed at all employees that have attended one-day Emergency First Aid at Work practical courses. This Emergency First Aid at Work – Online Annual Refresher Course ensures that their first aid skills and knowledge are refreshed and up to date before re-certification every three years.

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Course Overview

Emergency First Aid is the initial assistance provided when an incident occurs. In everyday life, encountering scenes of blood and trauma is uncommon, and often, first aid involves simple tasks such as applying a bandage to a minor cut.

However, consider a scenario where candidates are faced with a more critical situation. This Emergency First Aid at Work course is designed to shed light on some of the most prevalent situations candidates might come across and equip them with the knowledge and actions necessary to provide assistance. This course ensures that candidates gain the capability to respond effectively in emergency situations.