One support post is attached to each end of the Gravshore unit prior to installation and will automatically adjust to the required width as the hydraulic cylinders are pumped out.

    Once the Gravshore unit is in place the end panels can be driven into the ground at each end and will rest against the support posts.


    Support Posts

    • Automatically adjust to the width of the excavation
    • Each support post weighs only 3.5kg
    • Manufactured from light weight aluminium alloy
    • Simply attaches to the Gravshore unit.


    End Panels

    • Panel size 2000mm x 328mm
    • Each end panel weighs only 6kg
    • Manufactured from lightweight aluminium alloy
    • Tapered at the bottom to toe into the excavation base
    • Panels cannot be overlapped


    Aluminium Trench Sheets

    • Trench sheet size 2000mm x 300mm wide
    • 5kg per metre
    • Sheets can be overlapped


Gravshore - Groundforce ToolBox Talks Video

This Groundforce Toolbox talks video guides you through the Gravshore sector of Groundforce. Specialising in the shoring of graves, this video shows the assembly, installation and dismantling of the Gravshore equipment.

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