Larssen Sheet Piles Hire

About Larssen Sheet Piles

Larssen sheet piles are used in a variety of applications from temporary or permanent cofferdams and retaining walls to marine works and foundation construction.

The pile sections are designed to be as light as possible without compromising strength and durability. The design of the interlocks offers a good degree of watertightness and aids pitching and driving.

Dependent on ground conditions, consideration must be given to the length of the pile to be driven, depth of penetration & ground loadings.

Advantages of using Larssen sheet piles

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Good degree of watertightness
  • Comprehensive range of heavy section profiles and lengths available
  • High section modulus leading to reduced deflections
  • Good driving properties and durability
  • Lengths up to 18m available for hire


The table below gives detailed specifications for each profile to assist designers in specifying the most appropriate
sheet type for any given temporary works application.

Sheet Type 'w' Width (m) 't' pan thickness (mm) 's' web thickness (mm) 'd' pan depth (mm) 'p' pan width (mm) Cross section area (cm2/m) Weight (single pile) Weight (kg/m2) Permissable working stress (N/mm2) Section Modulus (cm3/m) Moment of Inertia (cm4/m) Maximum bending moment (kNm/m)
PU12 0.6 9.8 9.0 360 258 140 66.1 110.1 200 1200 21600 240
PU18-1 0.6 10.2 8.4 430 269 154 72.6 121.0 200 1670 35950 334
PU22-1 0.6 11.1 9.0 450 297 174 81.9 136.5 200 2060 46380 371
PU22+1 0.6 13.1 10 450 297 192 90.4 150.7 200 2335 52510 467
PU28-1 0.6 14.2 9.7 452 339 207 97.4 162.3 200 2680 60580 536

Note: All hire piles are classed as steel grade S270. All grades available for sale. 


Corner sections

Various corner sections are available for applications where fully closed cofferdams are required (high water table, poor
ground conditions etc.). This will offer the advantage of greater water/fine material retention. The use of corner sections
will result in specific excavation dimensions depending on the combination of piles/corner sections used.


Corner Pile Weight (kg/m) 't' thickness (mm) Steel Grade Permissible working stress (N/mm2)
Omega 18 18.0 8 S270 200
C14 14.4 10 S270 200
Delta 13 13.1 8 S270 200
C9 9.3 10 S270 200

Note: Piletec are able to advise customers of exact cofferdam dimensions by the use of their Sheet to Sheet pile
configuration software as a means of calculating cofferdam size for a combination of pile/corner/junction combinations.
Please contact Piletec Technical Services for further advice.


Technical Library

Larssen Pile Information 602 - 607

Larssen Pile Information 602 - 607

Specification, Information and interlocking options for the Larssen Piles, 602 - 607


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