Each unit comprises two aluminium rails, expanded against the trench wall by a pair of interconnected hydraulic cylinders which are available in a range of different sizes. The cylinders fit directly into a recess in the rails and are pressured by a manually operated hydraulic hand pump, giving an uninterrupted column of strength between the trench walls. All units are designed for quick and easy installation and removal by one or two people from outside the trench.

  Type A Type B
Rail Length (mm) 1.5 2.1
Minimum Excavation Width (mm) 450 450
Maximum Excavation Width (mm) 1600 1600
Clearance Below Cylinder (mm) 570 570
Typical Unit Weight (kg)* 27 34


Item Code Ram Type Excavation Width (mm) Weight (kg)
HVS.1250 1 450 680 4
HVS.1300 2 550 880 5
HVS.1350 3 650 1080 7
HVS.1400 4 1000 1600 10

*Weights will vary with cylinder lengths used


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