CPCS A56B Rear Tipping Dump Truck

This training course is for operators who require or have a desire to take the relevant CPCS Test in order to gain a RED Trained operator card for Rear Tipping Dump Trucks.

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Course Objectives

  • Define the roles and responsibilities of a Rear Tipping Dump Truck operator
  • Understand the terminology and controls associated with Tipping Dumpers
  • Explore and analyse important legislation, guidance, and regulations
  • Carry out pre-use checks and check equipment for function and serviceability
  • Display the ability to use the machine to safely traverse over rough and undulating ground, as well as sizable inclines and level surfaces
  • Demonstrate competence in operating the machine in a confined space - with or without load
  • Understand the requirement to identify hazards such as underground and overhead services
  • Accurately transport and position loads to predetermined locations
  • Define the correct position in which to receive loads
  • Comply with safe and recognised loading procedures
  • Demonstrate and safely carry out both shut down and securing procedures

Two Part Testing

1. Theory Test – a verbal 1:1 with questions asked by the CPCS tester.

2. Practical Test – a test including:-

  • Pre-start and machine operating/running checks
  • Ability to traverse (travel) in a loaded and unloaded state
  • Position and set the dumper for the relevant work
  • Load the dumper in a safe manner
  • Retrieve, lower and position loads at given locations
  • Stockpile materials
  • Safely park the dumper
  • Perform the shutdown and securing procedures

Entry Requirements

CITB Health, Safety and Environment test completed and passed within the last two years before the course start date or CPCS test date.

A good level of written and spoken English is paramount to successfully complete this course. If you have any concerns regarding this please contact our office and we discuss available options (for example, hiring a translator at an additional cost).


Upon successful completion of both the theory & practical tests the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) Red Trained Operators Card is awarded, valid for two years.

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Next Steps

Register and complete the NVQ Level 2 to achieve CPCS blue competence card, valid for 5 years.