NPORS N132 Plant Mover Training Course

This training course is for operators who require or have a desire to take the relevant Test in order to gain an NPORS operator card for Plant Movers.

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Course Objectives

  • Define the roles and responsibilities of a Plant Mover operator
  • Understand important legislation, guidance, and regulations using relevant sources and documentation
  • Understand the terminology, controls and functions associated with the machine
  • Carry out pre-use checks
  • Display the ability to use the machine to safely traverse forwards and reverse over various terrains
  • Use correct PPE for the task
  • Correctly transport and store machinery (Augers, buckets etc.)
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct appropriate safety checks
  • Safely carry out both shut down and securing procedures

Teaching and Assessment

  • Two day combination of classroom based teaching and practical activity
  • Candidates will demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding through a series of practical and theory tests assigned by the tester

Entry Requirements

CITB Health, Safety and Environment test completed and passed within the last two years before the course start date or NPORS test date.

A good level of written and spoken English is paramount to successfully complete this course. If you have any concerns regarding this please contact our office and we can discuss available options (for example, hiring a translator at an additional cost).


Upon successful completion of both the theory & practical tests the NPORS Operator Card is awarded, valid for three years.

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