Gully Sealing Set Hire

The storm-drain sealing set is used to quickly seal roadside storm-drains in the event of chemical spill and to keep contaminates out of drainage system.

Basic Kit 100-150 includes four plugs to seal both sides of the street. Foot pump precisely fills plugs to the required pressure. Completely self-contained kits include all inflation and safety accessories. 

Large pipe sealing kit 300-500 seals larger pipes. High pressure air source is included to speed up high volume plug inflation. 

Plugs can be standard, long-life rubber compound or oil-resistant Chloroprene compound.


  • Quick inflation
  • Easy positioning
  • High chemical resistance
  • Used by first response unit


Set Min Diameter (mm) Max Diameter (mm) Weight (kg) Working Pressure (bar) Rubber Body Length (mm) Valve Thread Size
100 - 150 100 150 0.5 2.5 165 R 1/4"
300 - 500 300 500 3.8 0.5 350 R 1/4"