Trelleborg Megaplug

About Trelleborg Megaplug

The Trelleborg Megaplug is a special inflatable plug for pipe diameters larger than 580mm.


  • High quality aramid/kevlar cord, reinforced rubber sleeve
  • Robust steel end caps and fittings
  • For diameters larger than 580mm
  • Suitable for a large range of pipe diameters
  • Can be brought into pipe line through manhole
  • Test and bypass versions suitable for air and water tests


ODS Megaplug 1600 2000 2400

Range (mm)

700-1600 800-2000 1200-2400
Max Working Pressure 1 Bar 1 Bar 1 Bar
Diameter (mm) 580 780 1000
Length (mm) 2700 3500 4300
Weight (kg) 180 235 531
Bypass 4" 4" 4"
Air Connection 1" 1" 1"

Note: Stoppers must be fully inserted into the pipe prior to inflation and must not be used in pipework within open excavations or unrestrained pipework. All pipes must be anchored before pressure testing

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