Spill Response/Spill Kit Training


The Spill Response or Spill Kit Training course is designed to elevate the candidate’s awareness of the risks involved with handling, storing and dispensing liquids and the potentially grave impacts upon the environment.

The half day course can accommodate up to 12 delegates per half day.

Course Objectives 

  • Understand the relevant legislation and HSE guidance in order to achieve compliance
  • Visualise the risks, fines, and punishments involved with a failure to control spills and protect the environment including reputational damage
  • Recognise the environmental ramifications of spilling and discharging hazardous chemicals into waterways.
  • Research emergency spill procedures including the steps taken to deal with spills
  • Identify the containers, dispensers and sorbents available to mitigate risk    
  • Consider practical steps (control measures) to reduce spillages in the workplace
  • Select and usage of the correct type of spill kit and materials
  • Demonstrate how to use appropriate and relevant spill control resources
  • Learn about safe disposal, the 3 types of sorbents, and how sorbents take on the properties of the liquid cleaned up

Who will benefit? 

  • Anyone who needs spill prevention/spill kit awareness and/or anyone who is required to respond to spill and deploy skill kits within the workplace.


  • Groundforce Training certificate of attendance valid for 3 years