New Roads and Streetworks Assessment (NRSWA) - Unit 2 - Signing, Lighting & Guarding - Operatives (O1)

1 day
6 max

This safety course provides operatives with the skills and knowledge needed to perform their respective duties when signing, lighting and guarding to the standards prescribed by the relevant governing bodies, City & Guilds, CAWBA or SQA and in-line with the New Roads & Streetworks Act (NRSWA).

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Course Objectives

  • New Roads and Street Works Act.
  • Basic principles of signing, lighting and guarding.
  • Traffic control measures.
  • Practical use of the Code of Practice.
  • Portable traffic lights.
  • Practical use of equipment.
  • Understand the essential principles of the NRSW Act and standards prescribed by the respective governing body, i.e. City & Guilds, CAWBE, SQA
  • Identify and use appropriate traffic control measures.
  • Erect and dismantle signing, guarding and lighting safely and in accordance with the supporting Code of Practice.
  • Correctly and sufficiently operate the equipment used.

Discussion, Simulated Assessments & Video

There is a high degree of discussion. Performance Criteria (PC) is assessed through simulated assessments, which are supplemented with both video and classroom tuition along with progress testing. Typically operatives are assessed via practical tests and oral exams. Supervisor assessments are carried out via written assignments and observational techniques.

Additional Information

Candidates to provide a passport photograph on the day of training for production of SWQR photo ID cards.


  • City & Guilds, CAWBE or SQA unit accreditation by way of a certificate.
  • Groundforce Training certificate of attendance (in addition to EUSR card)