Major Projects

An innovative approach keeps us abreast of the demand for ever deeper and wider excavations.

Groundforce has developed its Major Projects department and boasts a world class dedicated team of engineers maintaining operations throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and Middle East; working to support customers in this highly specialised, safety critical area of the business. 

The trend towards large, deep and heavily loaded city centre excavations, such as those in basement schemes and underground car parks, means ever more meticulous design and analysis is necessary, especially when in close proximity to adjoining buildings and structures. Load monitoring configurations offer added customer assurance and form just one part of Groundforce’s bespoke service which includes initial consultation through to project completion and sign off.

Our fleet includes the MP500 Hybrid Hydraulic Strut; capable of supporting a 5000KN load over a 35 metre span and, having achieved unsupported spans approaching 50 metres, this makes the MP500 Europe’s largest strut, both in terms of extent and load bearing capacity. Wireless load monitoring can provide instant and real time strut load readings on a 24/7 basis. The Mega and Super Mega hydraulic bracing systems can be used either as stand-alone designs or as additional support to strut props. Strut extensions are pre-cambered to combat self-weight and are modular for ease of transport and assembly. 

Groundforce’s highly experienced Major Projects team offer excellent on-going technical support, providing added value including risk assessments to support these complex schemes. As part of the package, an engineer will be dispatched to provide onsite support, overseeing site activities and using their experience and knowledge to ensure the correct and safe use of equipment.

All new Major Projects are designed to the latest EC3 Eurocode with the prestigious Sovereign Court luxury housing complex being the first Groundforce project to cover the Eurocode standard.

Case Studies

St Helens Place - London

Glasgow School of Arts - Scotland

Hilton Hotel - London