Supporting Infrastructure with Short Term Shoring Solutions

Minor works repairs which involve temporary solutions are a mainstay of the shoring sector where utility or infrastructure failures can lead to an interruption in public services. To provide a timely and positive response, a range of lightweight equipment such as Trench Boxes and modular hydraulic bracing can be deployed in temporary excavations, with either method being chosen for its particular attributes. For example, engineers working in an urban setting with highly populated streets may opt for trench sheets and hydraulic frames to satisfy a number of practical and operational outcomes:

Irregular shaped excavations

Manhole and Trench Boxes are used extensively for their fast and simple installation, but inherent limitations exist due to their defined square or rectangular structure. On many occasions boxes will without doubt represent the best solution, but for irregular shaped excavations a sheets and frames arrangement would be a more logical choice due to the greater degree of flexibility on offer. Adaptable for practically any shape of excavation, hydraulic bracing systems can be configured to a specific length, be wider at certain points within an excavation or make angular deviations. The ability to customise the shape of excavations, especially within the confines of an urban environment, can be extremely advantageous for engineers who may have to work on challenging projects that are space restricted.

Take a look at how Groundforce installed an octoganal cofferdam for Carty Group 

Noise and environmental impact

When working on schemes very close to dwellings, roads or buried services, activities which may cause objectionable noise and vibration must be factored in. If the prevailing soil type is suitable, a controlled ‘dig and push’ shoring installation sequence can be employed to reduce local impact.

Alternatively, resonance free or high frequency vibratory hammers can be used to drive piles to reduce levels of ground vibration. For larger excavations, using this type of vibratory hammer to install trench sheets is preferential to using a traditional impact hammer which could potentially create a Noise Pollution hazard.

A more flexible temporary working environment

As the name suggests, modular hydraulic frames are versatile and the overall working space can be configured to suit the project at hand. The sheets and frames approach gives design engineers a greater degree of flexibility to create as much working space as possible whilst allowing for existing services to be avoided. Individual legs are assembled to produce a telescopic hydraulic bracing frame which is used in conjunction with trench sheets; the hydraulic expansion allows for a significant range of adjustment in which to establish the optimum temporary working environment.

Groundforce Shorco have a solution for all short term projects

Hydraulic frames, used in conjunction with steel sheets are quick to install and ideally suited to smaller, short-term shoring applications. Available in a wide range of sizes, these systems provide a safe working environment and facilitate fast installation. Where a smaller box is required, the MAP and Quick Access Box are a popular choice with a lightweight aluminium design and multiple configuration possibilities, making them ideal for emergency urban use. Similarly, Trench Boxes, Drag Boxes, Backhoe Boxes and Manhole boxes are all a good fit in situations where space is limited and where the excavation is a standard square or rectangular shape.

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