December 2019

BIMing Christmas

BIMing Christmas - 16/12/19

Every year Santa is asked by millions of kids to deliver them a Christmas gift. Doing that for hundreds of years he noticed that toy manufacturing is nowadays very efficient, the elves put a lot of thought into the design of the toys to ensure long life and to avoid the children not using or getting bored with  the toys after a few weeks for various reasons such as:
•    The toy did not meet child’s  design criteria or expectation
•    Poor quality and lack of maintenance by themselves or their parents leading to damage and scrappage
•    Limited information about toys consumable components and how to replace them

Vicky Mastoridou
Stiffness & Pre-Load | Back to the Drawing Board

Stiffness & Pre-Load | Back to the Drawing Board - 05/12/19

Hello and welcome back to the drawing board with me Elliot Griffin today I'm going to talk to you about stiffness and preload. Stiffness is a measure of members resistance to defamation and we're going to focus mainly on axial stiffness. 

Tony Gould

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