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11 Nov

Firstly, rather sheepish apologies for not posting a blog since September. Today’s 11/11 date seems an appropriate day for me to commit pen to paper again so to speak, as apart from the more obvious and poignant anniversary remembered on this day, it is also the date I started out in the shoring industry, way back in 1985. How times have changed.

Needless to say, the least couple of months have been quite hectic both in and out of the office. Our annual marketing highlight as platinum sponsor of the GE basement conference held in the grand setting of Westminster Central Hall all went off well. As well as providing a trade stand (see photo opposite), we participated in an on-stage panel discussion feature based on a case study of one of our more notable major projects at Bishops Avenue Hampstead. 

It seems like a long time ago but the technical team along with the northern hire desk have now settled into their shiny new offices in Ailsa House, not very far from the old Morley depot based offices. We are all enjoying the new airy environment although we do miss the banter with the lads in the yard.

The other major milestone within the last couple of months has been the completion of the new technical file. This has caused a huge amount of grief in finally getting this to print, and if truth be known I am almost embarrassed to admit that this has taken a couple of years to get it past the post. Nevertheless we are extremely pleased with the result. We have stuck with a high quality loose leaf folder in hard copy format for those of you that still have bookshelves in your office. It will of course be available in electronic download from the technical area of our website for those that prefer to view electronically.

Talking of electronic media, there is much in the press of late on the subject of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the use of digital media to enhance product awareness and ultimately improve safety on sites. Indeed there is somewhat of a revolution happening in this area. We at Groundforce are actively pursuing ways to provide our customers with high quality information of real benefit, whilst remaining focussed on delivering robustly engineered solutions.

Enough of the sales patter for now. In a previous blog I mentioned that we have been engaged to write a series of Viewpoint articles for the Institution of Civil Engineers magazine NCE. For those of you that may be interested; and have the time, I enclose a link to the most recent one on the subject of Engineering Judgement. This seems to have hit a note with readers and has generated favourable comment, so see what you think.

NCE Viewpoint - Engineering Judgement

Tony Gould
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