The Aftermath

03 Nov

Well summer has been and gone and judging from the persistent fog hanging around for the last couple of days, we must be well in to Autumn. Two of my colleagues are over in Sydney this week providing technical training for our Australian partner Coates Rental; I am hoping that they have not thrown away the return portion of their ticket!

It’s been a busy summer here in the technical team. The steady diet of seemingly relentless shoring designs has not abated and our major project team continue to go from strength to strength whilst pushing the boundaries for the scope of our equipment.  

Our annual marketing highlight is the GE Basement Conference, this year held at the conference suite at London’s Olympia. This year was of particular significance to us having a dedicated pre-conference workshop afternoon, specifically dedicated to below ground temporary works. As main sponsors of the event we were entitled to a speaking slot so me and my colleague Steve Lloyd did a joint presentation with the snappy title “Using data from monitoring technology to develop a Eurocode based design methodology for Proprietary Hydraulic Props“

We set out to deliver a highly informative technical lecture on subject, talking about prop stiffness and thermal loading, without falling into the trap of simply delivering sales patter and I believe we achieved that receiving several challenging questions and subsequent discussions around our stand.

Find out what the editor of GE had to say about it here.

My intention is to provide summary from the presentation for my next technical blog.

We also seem to have hit the sweet spot with our CPD lunchtime technical presentations with a good number of requests being received, let me know if your company is interested in one of these. We even pay for the sandwiches!

Finally look out for the following publications, soon to be released.

  • PAS 8812 – Guide to the application of European Standards in temporary works design
  • CIRIA Guide - C760 Embedded Retaining Walls 

The first document provides some long awaited specific guidance for the temporary works community on the application of Eurocodes and is due to be published any time now. The second publication is the revision to the industry bible, formerly C580 and brings this important guidance document into line with the Eurocodes as NCCI (non contradictory complementary information). We are proud to have contributed to both documents and have been rewarded with some pictures of big yellow struts being included!


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