COVID-19 statement from Groundforce

03 Apr

In direct response to the unfolding events, we have put in place pre-emptive plans and measures to keep all of our stakeholders safe, which is our colleagues, supply chain, customers and communities, both in the short and long term. This has been through social distancing, dispersion of departments and home working.

Due to the shift in customer activity, Groundforce have taken the pragmatic decision to temporarily close some UK depots and departments will also be scaled back to reflect these lower activity levels. However, our customers can still contact us via all the usual channels where calls will be directed to the appropriate team.

We have already restricted movement and travel relating to essential working activities and where operational staff have a required presence in depots, they are adhering to social distancing as required by the Government.

Notwithstanding the above, Groundforce are strategic service providers of essential equipment to key customers on critical projects, and of vital services in support of critical social functions, and we will continue to deliver safe support during this difficult time.

The length of the depot closures is uncertain but there are robust contingency plans in place which are being continually reviewed as the situation evolves and we will continue to issue regular updates.

In these difficult circumstances, we have taken immediate and decisive action. We have enacted our continuity plans to protect all stakeholders and minimise business disruption to our customers.

We wish to extend our profound thanks to all the health and other front- line workers who are putting themselves at risk on a daily basis to help us all. And also to the team here, who in these unprecedented times are continuing to provide first class service to our customers.