COVID-19 Update from Groundforce

02 Jun
The wellbeing of our employees, customers, suppliers and the general public has always been a fundamental priority for Groundforce. So, since the onset of the pandemic, Groundforce has applied a responsible and common sense approach towards on-going business.

As a consequence, operations were scaled down and the recommended guidelines related to work places have been followed. Importantly, customers primarily involved in essential industries and critical projects have been fully supported.  

Significant restrictions on fleet movement, travel for work activities, “social distancing” along with “remote working” have all featured and I am pleased to observe that this has been successful and well received by employees and customers alike. 

We have undertaken a comprehensive programme of third party risk assessments across all our businesses to help determine the best way forward. Pleasingly, we now have a template, which can be scaled up quickly that facilitates uninterrupted delivery of our products and technical services. This is underpinned by the size and breadth of our rental fleet and the extensive knowledge bank that sits within the Groundforce team.

More recently, there have been small upticks in customer activity and therefore we have steadily and carefully increased our operational capacity in line with this demand. Now, as the Government actively encourages the Construction Industry back to work, the comprehensive preparation plans put in place will allow Groundforce to positively respond to demand.  

However, having reached this point safely, we wish to maintain that record and we have implemented a number of measures including, but not limited to:

  • Third party and in-house risk assessments undertaken across all aspects of the business
  • Clear and consistent signage promoting social distancing
  • Expansion of welfare and hygiene provisions
  • Specific PPE as required
  • Phased working patterns in the operating centres and offices
  • Cancellation of non-essential visits to our locations  
  • Reduced travel and visits to customers sites
  • Delivery teams instructed to observe customer protocols (subject to governmental advice)  

We monitor the situation regularly, and will respond accordingly to provide our customers with an excellent service. However, we will always be being observant of protecting the wellbeing of employees, customers and suppliers. 

I thank all those in the Groundforce team for their ongoing support and efforts and hope that there is a return to some form of normality in the near future. 

Yours faithfully, 

David Williams  
Managing Director (TPA & Groundforce)