Introducing: YourSolution+

03 Oct
Groundforce Shorco are pleased to announce the launch of YourSolution+, an industry-first temporary works design tool. Offering engineers, temporary works coordinators and anyone confident to give a soil profile, unprecedented access to create their own trench and manhole box designs.

The main functionality of the tool is to create box designs bespoke to individual sites, with detailed soil profiles and bespoke surcharges in just a few clicks. Instantly generating a design by assessing a box against three load patterns to ensure safety whilst maintaining economy.

Using its built-in engineering calculations, the design tool will create real-time design documentation and technical drawings exclusive to your excavation, for the company’s extensive range of boxes. Information regards the CO2e of hire will also be included on the designs. Once you have your bespoke design you have the ability to check this through your own companies procedures or request a Groundforce engineer to check your work though a fast tracked process.

YourSolution+ is available 24/7 on mobile and desktop devices from the Groundforce website, making it ideal for out-of-hours emergency works. The new tool is designed to be used in tandem with the standard design solutions tool, YourSolution. We recommend reading our article YourSolution vs YourSolution+ to determine which tool is the most appropriate for your design requirements. Click here to read now.

If you have a specific question about YourSolution+ check out our FAQ’s here.