CPCS accreditation awarded to Groundforce Training Services

25 Jun

First CPCS course to be run by the company will be for Appointed Persons on July 30th.

Groundforce Training Services has gained CPCS accreditation and the first course it will be offering is the five-day A61 Appointed Persons (lifting operations) course which will take place on July 31st.

The five-day A61 course aims to provide the candidate with a thorough practical and theory training in the role of an Appointed Person to enable the candidate to pass the CPCS theory and practical tests.

The 10 other CPCS courses that Groundforce Training are approved to deliver are

•    A36A Lorry Loader – (hook)
•    A40A Slinger/Signaller (all types, all duties) 
•    A40B Slinger/Signaller (all types, static duties) 
•    A40C Slinger/Signaller (knuckle boom, static duties) 
•    A40D Slinger/Signaller (excavator only)
•    A40E Slinger/Signaller (lift truck only)
•    A60A Mobile Crane (blocked duties only)
•    A60B Mobile Crane (pick and carry duties only), 
•    A60C Mobile Crane (all duties) 
•    A62 Crane/Lifting Operations Supervisor

Chris Gearren, general manager of Groundforce Training Services, said: “Winning CPCS status is yet another string to our training bow and we are very much looking forward to getting the courses up and running with the appointed person’s one in July.” 

The CPCS is recognised by the UK Contractors Group (UKCG) and Major Home Builders Group (MHBG) as the preferred card to comply with codes of practice for competence and certification. It was launched 15 years ago to help them comply with regulations and requirements and aims to apply common standards for all plant operators.

Red CPCS Trained Operator Cards last for two years, during which operators must work towards and achieve their NVQ in Plant Operations to upgrade to a blue CPCS Competence Card.