Groundforce Strikes Gold With FORS Accreditation

13 Mar

With health and safety an ever increasing factor within the construction industry, the journey from Bronze through to Gold accreditation was a natural progression for Groundforce who fully embraced the concept of improving vehicle safety and addressing environmental impact.

As well as a great company achievement, the Gold award demonstrates that Groundforce is committed to offering the best customer experience by investing in safety and sustainability. FORS provide an excellent Performance Management Toolkit which targets key areas such as fuel consumption, tyre wear, reducing carbon footprint and improving recording and filing procedures. The overriding benefit for the customer is that the transport of goods and services are delivered maintaining compliance and implemented to the very latest quality standards.

The Logistics and MP team at Groundforce Shorco are enthusiastic about the benefits and business opportunities the FORS scheme offers, both for them and their end users:

VP Groundforce Shorco is continually striving to provide a better, safer, more environmentally friendly service to our clients; we believe that achieving our FORS Gold accreditation proves how dedicated we are as a company to achieving best practice. We have the opportunity to assure our clients that we are working to a very high standard, and will continue to improve our standards using the tools and knowledge that we have gained via our journey with FORS