New Products to Kick Start 2016

11 Jan

Heading into 2016, Groundforce Shorco has added 4 new products to their already extensive product offering. 
With an increasing requirement for enhanced box capability and capacity, larger boxes have been introduced into the Groundforce fleet to cater for large pipe and chamber installations. Utilising telescopic, pinned struts for quick width adjustment, their introduction augments the existing wide range of boxes and allows greater choice to facilitate most trench applications.

5m Long Trench Box

Trench boxes are often the first choice for rapid shoring of pipe runs in non-urban applications due to their speed and simplicity of use. The introduction of our largest box means that this 5m long trench box will permit even greater installations being undertaken.

5m Manhole Box

Manhole boxes are specifically designed to allow construction of manhole chambers that are often sited along continuous pipe runs. The use of this box provides additional trench width at these locations to allow chamber construction and at five metres long and variable width, the introduction of our biggest manhole box yet will allow even larger manhole rings to be constructed.

10m Drag Box Extension

The process of using a drag box is to pull the box within a pre-cut, self-supporting trench, enabling high productivity output. Our new 3m Rear Box Extension has been introduced to combine with the existing 7m Super Mega Drag Box to configure a 10m long drag box thereby permitting installation of long pipes and culverts runs

Shaft Laddersafe

With a constant drive to improve on-site health and safety, Groundforce have added the Shaft Laddersafe System to its range of temporary access products to provide a safe and controlled method of entry into deep shafts and concrete caissons.
The system comprises heavy duty steel modular components which are readily installed by bolting multiple units together to the desired depth and then bolting the ladder modules to the concrete shaft wall using suitable anchor bolts.

These 4 new products will be available to hire from Groundforce Shorco from January so contact us here and we will put you in touch with your local representative for more information.