Piletec 2-Stage Audible & Visual Alarm Hire


About Piletec 2-Stage Audible & Visual Alarm

The Piletec alarm is a plug-in audible and visual unit and is compatible with all Piletec Vibration Monitors. It is battery powered and will only use power when the alarm is triggered.

Pre-programmed Alarm Function

The alarm function is pre-programmed into all Vibration Monitors enabling retro-fitting of an alarm to any monitor.
The operator can program any 2 alarm levels during set-up.

Audible/Visual Alarm

The strobe lights will flash for 20 seconds during alarm activation, together with the siren. The siren can be turned off if required.


The alarm is weatherproof and is usually positioned on the fencing at the boundary of a site to enable site personnel to see the alarm and take avoiding action if vibrations are approaching the site limits.