Ratchet Release Shackle

About Ratchet Release Shackle

What is a ratchet release shackle?

A Ratchet Release Shackle is a piece of ancillary equipment which is specifically designed as a piling shackle for pitching trench sheets and piles using appropriate lifting equipment.

What can a ratchet release shackle be used for?

This is a ground release shackle which enables sheet piles to be lifted vertically into temporary guides and then safely released from ground level once the sheet or pile is secured. Ground release shackle suppliers emphasise that to uphold the safe use of shackles, they must not be used for pile extraction.

Key Specifications of a ratchet release shackle?

  • Simple ratchet release mechanism operated with a rope connection to the lock handle
  • Ground release system promoting safety in the use of shackles
  • High strength cast steel body
  • The release shackle is designed to allow maximum engagement in the shackle throat
What are the benefits of a ratchet release shackle?

The shackle benefits from the ground release system and ensures safe use of shackles is maintained as the release mechanism is operated from ground level. The ground release method speeds up the positioning of the piles, saving time and money on what has traditionally been a slow and laborious task.

How to hire a ratchet release shackle from Piletec?

For more information on piling shackles and how to hire a ground release shackle , simply follow our Contact Us link or Add to Enquiry Basket to find out what’s on offer, or send for a product brochure.


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