7 Steps To Customer Satisfaction

Groundforce Shorco and the Major Projects team are dedicated to ensuring your project goes smoothly. We have created a unique 7 Step Process to ensure customer satisfaction.

1. Initial Consultation
One of our Major Project team will visit you to discuss your requirements, obtain the necessary design information and outline Groundforce’s services and solutions.
2. Preliminary Submission
A preliminary Design and Quote will be submitted to the customer. This will include a plan layout drawing, itemized weekly quotation, component weights and relevant technical information.
3. Detailed Consultation
Once a design concept has been approved in principle, further discussions are normally conducted, involving the relevant engineering, commercial and site contacts. The scheme is thus progressed to the point where it becomes a technically compliant, operationally acceptable and safe solution.
4. Tailored Commercial Package
Groundforce are able to offer a variety of commercial packages, varying from straight weekly hire to total job cost solutions where a set monthly invoicing amount is agreed in advance. This flexible commercial approach to Major Projects enables us to compete effectively on longer duration schemes and against structural steel solutions.
5. Detailed Design
Upon confirmation of order, Groundforce will supply a Detailed ‘For Construction’ Design, which incorporates kit specification details, installation drawings, relevant calculations, residual risk assessment, and any necessary check certificates.
6. Project Co-ordination
The contractor is then introduced to our Project Co-ordination team who will assist them with all aspects of the scheme delivery. This includes the installation and removal of equipment, signing off any required certification and the set up of our on line load monitoring system (if applicable) Our experienced mobile team are there to train and help the contractors workforce to ensure the efficient installation and removal of the propping system.
7. Project Completion
Our Major Projects team will stay involved with the project until all the equipment is returned and will oversee any final account reconciliation discussions that may be required. This ensures that the commercial aspects of the job are dealt with seamlessly and are resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.