CHD Cropper

The CHD cropper is designed to cut CHD or ‘corkscrew’ piles.

The CHD Cropper has been especially designed to suit CHD or ‘corkscrew’ piles but can in some cases be used for contiguous or seacant piles. This unique cropper has the power and strength to remove the outside fins of the pile whilst leaving the rebar unhurt.

This cropper is very powerful and has the weight to match, therefore we recommend a minimum 16 tonne excavator to carry and power this machine safely.

Please note that chains are provided with this machine.

Pile Size (mm)

Machine Carrier Class (tonne) 16/20
Oil Flow L/Min 40/120
Operating Oil Pressure Max (bar) 210
Height (mm) 820
Width (mm) 1945
Length (mm) 1650
Weight (kg) 1700