Transmission Sector

Helping our customers advance infrastructure and transport connections.

The transport sector is a major part of our business and its diverse nature means virtually every Groundforce product group is used in this field. The various trench runs and related excavations required by highway, rail and local schemes are serviced by our ever increasing range of Trench Boxes, Drag Boxes and Manhole Boxes. Specialist designs are made possible where projects demand greater complexity. 

Our Piletec division can provide Vibratory Hammers for the driving and extracting of SheManhole Boxet Piles using equipment that is efficient, quiet and safe; ensuring minimal disruption in residential areas. 

Major Projects, such as the Crossrail development and the Paris Line 4 Metro extension have used our MP500 Hydraulic Hybrid Struts; capable of withstanding loads of up to 5000KN at a 35m span and unsupported 50m spans for maximum working space. Wireless load monitoring can provide instant and real time strut load readings on a 24/7 basis. 

Our industry packages and shoring products are supported with a vast range of complementary ancillaries and services. For transport and personnel, Groundforce Bridge offer fast access solutions ranging from pedestrian walkways through to heavy vehicular crossings.

SiteSafe products ensure excavations are made secure with EdgeSafe, SledgeSafe, EndSafe and LadderSafe, providing reliable barriers and safe movement.

Groundforce’s U Mole and Stopper specialist often work in conjunction with the utility, construction and civils sectors to facilitate the installation and testing of underground pipework. Stopper Specialists work with existing pipelines and vessels to perform a variety of tasks, ranging from temporary blanking of pipes to pressure and flow testing.