Benefits of Trench Boxes

Five Metre Manhole and Trench Boxes: A Big Advantage

It seems that shoring solutions have inexorably increased in size over the years, and this is mainly due to a corresponding increase in the size of permanent installations. While competition within the shoring sector has undoubtedly been a contributing factor in influencing a wider and bigger range of temporary shoring equipment, there are good reasons why particular shoring solutions have developed in size and this is certainly true of the ubiquitous Manhole and Trench Box.

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With an increasing requirement for enhanced box capacity, 5m Manhole and Trench Boxes have been introduced to cater for larger pipe installations, culverts and chambers. The development of larger boxes has been driven by need rather than increase for its own sake, and in this respect big box design is a product of customer led advancement followed by a strong response from the shoring industry. Although not all excavations would necessarily benefit from a box design, the recent introduction of larger Manhole and Trench boxes means customers are now offered a much wider range of options:

View the Groundforce Shorco 5.0m Manhole Box here

Speed of Installation

One of the main advantages of using boxes of any size is the vastly reduced time required to establish adequate shoring. Depending on the design, a range of strut types can be used, providing incremental adjustment to suit the excavation dimensions. The Box is simply installed by using either the ‘pre dug’ or ‘dig and push’ method. Both methods of installation represent a significant reduction in operations compared to the sheets and frames approach. Boxes are a significantly simpler and quicker solution with fewer variables to consider, which includes the reduced risk of a service strike.

Gentle on the Environment

Speed and simplicity are just two examples of the benefits gained by opting for a box shoring solution. Boxes are simply lifted into an excavation in one lift with minimal backfill to the exterior panels. Even if ground conditions stipulate a dig and push approach, then again the whole installation is achieved much faster. Using boxes eliminates all the equipment necessary for piling activity and this in turn translates into significant fuel savings and an instant win for the environment. On completion of groundworks, the box is simply lifted clear and disassembled.

The Cost and Time Advantage

The main focus of any project is wrapped up in time and cost, and the option to use a large box design, as opposed to sheets and frames, successfully covers both elements. The cost benefits associated with using a 5m box begins its journey at the enquiry stage with a faster and easier design process, and although larger plant may be needed to lift and manoeuvre bigger boxes, this cost is easily offset by multiple factors:

  • Fast installation and extraction
  • No piling activity
  • No sheets
  • No frames
  • Reduced excavator/plant use
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Overall time and cost reduction

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Online Standard Design Solution

With the fast delivery of temporary groundworks ever more essential, YourSolution is an innovative design tool that literally transforms the way customers can access a standard temporary works design. Developed by a team of technical and marketing professionals, Groundforce have empowered their customers with a tool that can be used 24/7 from any location and any device with an internet connection. Simply by inputting basic information, customers can generate a standard design solution and access additional support if required.

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