YourSolution FAQ

What is YourSolution and why it is so useful?

YourSolution is an innovative design tool that transforms the way customers can access standard solution designs. You can access the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week making it the most convenient option to obtaining standard solutions

Will it save me time?

Yes of course, the easy step by step system will take you through a set of questions that will provide you with a solution. YourSolution will be linked to your local sales manager who can then assist with any further questions related to your scheme

What if I don’t get a standard solution?

If your project falls out of the scope of a standard solution, Groundforce’s sales team will be informed and able to assist further

How long does the process take?

The step by step process will take minutes!

How do I access YourSolution?

You can access YourSolution on our Groundforce website ( you will find the link at the top right of the website


Can I revisit my designs after I have created them?

No problem – if you log in to your technical library your historic schemes will be there to view 24/7, 7 days a week


Can I access YourSolution on my mobile device?

Yes, the system is accessible from both your desktop or mobile devices


How will I know who my area manager is?

When you add in your scheme location postcode, your scheme is then shared with the relevant area manager who can then assist you further


What our customers say…

Having trialled YourSolution during the pre-launch period, we have received some encouraging feedback. Jack Fitzgerald, Quantity Surveyor for P. Colohan & Co, Ltd commented after using the system:

“YourSolution designs is a very handy and user friendly tool which allows anyone to produce a temporary works design report by answering a few simple design related questions. This is a brilliant innovation which has given us the capability to produce last minute designs, based on our preferred method of construction. Once the report is produced, it includes a full set of structural calculations, and also installation instructions for the proposed piece of equipment, which can be appended to our method statement. Once we’re ready to commence works, all we have to do is give Groundforce a call to order the equipment for next day delivery.”