Putting Smartshore to the test

21 Aug

Introduction to Smartshore

The Smartshore Shoring System from Stopper Specialists is made from inflatable rubber cushions that are used together with adjustable trench struts. The rubber-cushioned panels have been through a vulcanisation process to provide a tough and resilient shield, giving added protection against wear and punctures.

Available as two, three or four sided configurations, the system is the ideal choice where maintenance projects and utility works demand a system that is lightweight, easily transportable and allows rapid assembly, installation and removal.

We put Smartshore to the ultimate test by asking for an independent ‘hands-on’ review. Marc Hill, Senior Site Manager at MWH Treatment kindly offered to trial Smartshore for us and gave the following account:

Marc’s experience

The delivery: The first thing we noted was that the product arrived on site in a transit sized pick-up vehicle; something only achievable due to the lightweight properties of the individual components. For example the panels, weighing in at just 13kg, were delivered uninflated so in-effect were transported as flat-packed items! And with struts at 7kg each, plus a standard site compressor, the entire system was quickly unloaded and if necessary could be easily relocated; a great feature for emergency projects requiring speed and agility.

The assembly: The assembly process was very simple: using a small compressor the two panels were inflated to the recommended pressure (a built-in safety valve protects against over inflation). Then, after deciding how many sides of support was needed, the struts were fitted by locating the prop end plate within the pre-moulded ‘pockets’ on each cushion. One of the best advantages of using Smartshore is that, due to the weights involved, the whole assembly process can be achieved manually using no lifting equipment at all and only takes a matter of minutes.

The installation: Again, the lightweight characteristics of Smartshore made the installation and removal process a breeze. The complete system can be lowered into a pre-dug excavation and if required, additional uninflated cushions can then be lowered in: it’s worth noting that the Smartshore system is best suited to small or medium-sized excavations and in self-supporting excavations or trenches. Smartshore panels can also be configured horizontally, depending on the ground conditions and ground density.

Marc’s final comments…

Given Marc’s experience of using Smartshore on a live site, the team at Stopper Specialists were keen to find out his overall impression of Smartshore, and we asked him what he thinks are the key benefits of using this product:

“Overall, Smartshore has many positive aspects. It reduces the risks of manual handling and working with machinery/plant. This equipment also has some good time saving aspects given how lightweight and easy to use it is. I would certainly look to use this shoring in future projects when fit for the task”.

Please note: a standard solution document can be supplied that confirms safe loadings for Smartshore and can help support site RAMS. On enquiry, just ask a member of the Stopper Specialists team for this document and they will be happy to help.

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